Adjusting to a New Hearing Aid

Whether it’s your first hearing aid or your fifth, getting properly fit is a necessary step to achieving full functionality.

If you purchase a Beltone hearing aid, we guarantee that your aids will be preset before you even arrive to pick them up. This will allow you to hit the ground running when you come in for your fitting. Whereas it used to take only about 15 minutes to fit a new set of hearing aids, it now takes around an hour, depending on the hearing aid. Because technology is so advanced and sophisticated, and there are so many little tweaks, filters, and settings to adjust to a person’s individual needs, the actual fitting does take a bit longer than in previous times. However, the result is a hearing aid or set of hearing aids that are customized so you can experience the optimal personal benefits of your hearing aids.

When we do a fitting, we are looking to make sure that the hearing aids feel comfortable in your ears, that they sound clear, and that voices sound as natural as possible. We also check for loudness tolerances. For example, we make sure that if someone drops a plate or some keys on the table, it doesn’t make the person wearing the hearing aid jump out of their skin. We also make sure that new hearing aids fit properly, that they sound right, and that the settings are appropriate for each person’s needs. We make sure that customers know how to work any controls that may be on the hearing aid, and we review necessary cautions. In fact, we go through the entire manual with each person, making sure they know how to find the information they want in the manual should they have questions, and how to get a hold of us if they have questions beyond what is available in the manual. We also practice putting the hearing aids on, taking them off, and demonstrating how to clean them and reviewing basic care steps. This way, our customers know what to expect when taking care of their hearing aids at home.

We know that there is a lot of information to process with the purchase of a new hearing aid, and we want our customers to feel 100% comfortable with their hearing aid. We pride ourselves on customer service, and there are always representatives available to help with any questions or concerns that customers may have. We also make sure to schedule a follow-up appointment for new users, so we can check in to see how they are doing and trouble shoot any issues they may be having. Because a hearing aid is an electronic device, there is a degree of maintenance involved in keeping it working at an optimal level. We make sure that our customers have the tools and information they need to be successful with their new hearing aid, and we also provide them with all of our contact information so they can reach a Beltone representative if they have any questions or concerns.

The process of adapting to a new hearing aid can take some time, usually about six weeks. Initially people may be concerned that the aid is going to make sounds too loud, that they won’t be able to hear people talking to them, or that it will negatively impact their quality of life. Once the acclimation period has concluded and adjustments have been made through follow-up visits, most people have great success with their new hearing aids. While hearing aid users may not have the exact same hearing experience as they once did, we strive to help our customers feel confident and comfortable using a hearing aid as part of their daily life.

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